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OPML File Uploading Feature Upgraded

Posted By: Mustafa Neguib
Posted On: 06 Mon October 2014 08:52:00 AM

We have been working hard to improve the usability of Inbox My Articles website. One area which we found to be lacking and problematic was the OPML file uploading feature which allows you to upload RSS feeds which you have exported from other RSS readers.

Find more information of what format of OPML files we accept

Prior to this upgrade, all you had to do was to upload the file. You did not receive any notification, or indication whether the format being uploaded was being uploaded properly, or whether all of the fields were being uploaded or not.

Due to this, we noticed that our users were using this feature to upload their OPML files, but their RSS feeds were not complete.

As part of this upgrade when the user uploads his OPML file, the RSS feeds will be displayed in input fields, and any missing field is highlted immediately.

Now you get to verify yourself whether the OPML file that you have uploaded has complete data. Furthermore, our system will only confirm the uploads of those RSS feeds whose input fields are complete.

Happy reading, and have a good time using Inbox My Articles.

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Tags: Website Update, Technology
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