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Article Preview Now Available

Posted By: Mustafa Neguib
Posted On: 22 Sun June 2014 12:00:00 PM

We at Inbox My Articles are all the time thinking of new ways to make this platform better for our users. In line with this we pushed the latest update of Inbox My Articles with a new feature. Now unlike before our readers will be able to have a preview of the article with more description, that what is shown in the articles listing.

Prior to this feature's implementation upon clicking of either the read more, or the title of the article the user used to be taken directly to the web site containing the article. Now we we first show a preview and then allow the user to read the article if he wants to read the article on the actual web site.

Clicking on either of the following of an article item in the listing will:
image of the article
title of the article
read more text

open up the preview of the article.

We believe that this will give the reader more power in what he wants to read, and will read further if he finds the article interesting enough.

Like said earlier, we are all the time thinking of ways to make this platform better for our readers. We would like to know what you all think, and also what features would you like to see in Inbox My Articles.

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